In honor of Halloween, want to hear something spooooooky?

Right now – as you read this – Big Oil and Gas are pouring millions of dollars into fighting back against real climate action at the ballot box. They’re turning our democracy into a haunted house meant to intimidate and scare real climate champions, and to paralyze all of us so that we can’t take bold action to stop dirty pipelines, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and break their dirty energy money cycle.

We are not afraid – at all. We see all their cheap tricks, and together we can reveal their scary tactics.

One of the most important things we can do to combat this flood of dirty money is to spread the word – and we’ve made a new video with our friends at The Other 98% pointing out exactly what’s happening.

Watch and share our new video with your family and friends to fight back against the deluge of oil money that’s drowning our democracy:

New Mexico. Colorado. Washington. Nebraska. Pennsylvania. Oregon. All these states have crucial races or questions on the ballot next week that would significantly diminish the power of the fossil fuel industry if they go our way. And in every single case, Big Oil and Gas are pouring money in to re-animate their dying, zombie industry with campaign cash and subsidies. To be honest, Big Oil should be scared – because we’re building serious people power to threaten their stranglehold on our democracy.

For example, Stephanie Garcia Richard in New Mexico is a people’s champion who would fight back against drilling and fracking in the Permian Basin. Proposition 112 in Colorado would put 85% of private lands off limits for drilling and fracking, protecting the health of millions of people. Washington state’s Initiative 1631 would make big polluters pay, and redistribute the money to low-income communities and a just transition to clean energy.

But we won’t win unless we do everything we can to change the narrative in the face of this massive wave of oil-soaked corporate cash. Share our new video to fight back against the fossil fuel money polluting our government.

The fossil fuel industry has spent over $30 million in Washington state trying to defeat a ballot measure proposed by a broad coalition of climate, environmental justice, and labor groups. In Colorado, Big Oil and Gas has raised more than $30 million to fight a ballot measure that would protect homes and schools from fracking. By the time you finish reading this email, they’ve probably spent tens of thousands more.

These elections are about meaningful climate action and real climate leadership. There are lives at stake, and we’ve got a real chance at victory. Share now to tip the odds in our favor.

Stand up, fight back, and don’t let the oil and gas industry scare you.


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