Sen. Harris becomes 15th No Fossil Fuel Money pledge signer in 2020 Democratic field

June 1, 2019By media 4 Comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 1, 2019 Contact: David Turnbull, RL Miller, Sen. Harris becomes 15th No Fossil Fuel Money pledge signer in 2020 Democratic field Today, during the California Democratic Party convention, Senator Kamala Harris officially signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge, becoming the 15th of 23 major Democratic candidates for president … Read More

No More Dilly-Dallying, Dems: It’s Time for a #ClimateDebate

May 3, 2019By Collin Rees No Comments

Back in the 2016 presidential election, there were  zero questions on the climate crisis in the general election debates. That’s right, zero. And in the preceding Democratic primary debates, the few questions that were asked were shallow and inconsistent, not spurring the kind of robust debate required to address one of the most critical issues of … Read More

A Big Week for Real Climate Leadership in the 2020 Primary

April 18, 2019By Collin Rees 2 Comments

This week has seen some important public statements from candidates about their plans to constrain Big Oil, Gas, and Coal’s expansion and implemented a controlled wind-down of fossil fuel production that addresses environmental injustices and strengthens labor protections. Here’s a quick run-down of these stances on real climate leadership.

Progressive Groups Push Democrats To Host Debate on Climate Change

April 17, 2019By Collin Rees No Comments

“We need to know that whoever is nominated to take on Trump in 2020 has what it takes to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fight for bold solutions to the climate crisis. That’s why we need a full debate focused specifically on climate change, so an informed moderator can press candidates beyond platitudes, seek out specific details, and hold them accountable to what the science says is necessary.”