March 9, 2020

Rebecca Concepcion Apostol,
David Turnbull,

Oil Change U.S. endorses Bernie Sanders for Democratic Presidential Nomination


Today, Oil Change U.S. (OCUS) is announcing its endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. In response, Rebecca Concepcion Apostol, National Program Director of Oil Change U.S. provided the following statement:

“Thanks to years of organizing, communities raising the alarm, our youth striking, and candidates taking note, our climate crisis is center stage in 2020. We need a climate champion to face off against the fossil-fueled denial of Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders is that candidate.

“Bernie Sanders’s Green New Deal climate plan provides the ambition needed for the U.S. to become a global leader in the climate fight.1 It includes a clear intent to phase out fossil fuel production, commits to a just transition for our workers, and ensures justice for frontline communities. We believe Bernie Sanders will stand up to the industry that is causing this climate crisis every day.

“We at Oil Change U.S. work to kick fossil fuel money out of politics, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and build political support for real climate leaders. Bernie Sanders shares these goals. He stands head and shoulders above his remaining primary opponent when it comes to his commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

“Oil Change US’s focus is on climate and energy policies, and our climate justice crisis sits within a broader context of fights for justice for communities across our country. On critical issues such as immigration rights, access to healthcare, access to higher education, and economic justice, Bernie Sanders presents a vision for America that we stand behind.

“To beat Donald Trump in November, it is absolutely critical that the issues that matter to the Democratic base — particularly young people and people of color who are already feeling the impacts fossil fuel production and the climate crisis — are fought for and taken on by a Democratic nominee committed to justice for all of us. Our climate crisis cannot afford four more years of inaction or even four more years of modest action that does not meet the scale of the problem.

“We believe, as Bernie Sanders does, that our climate crisis presents us with our single greatest opportunity to build a more just and equitable future. We need someone new to come into the White House with a vision for climate action that is up to the task, and Bernie Sanders holds that vision. Bernie Sanders has shown what true climate leadership looks like and we know he will bring us closer to the promise of justice for all.”



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