September 4, 2019

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Democratic Presidential Candidates Sign “NoKXL Pledge” to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline on Day One if Elected

As candidates gear up for CNN and MSNBC Climate Forums, activists push for clarity on fossil fuel infrastructure

HASTINGS, NEBRASKA — After delivering a letter asking all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to sign the “NoKXL Pledge” on Aug. 13, ten of the candidates have signed onto the pledge thus far, making it clear that on Day One in office they will revoke the unprecedented, unilateral permit that President Trump issued for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline:

– Sen. Elizabeth Warren

– Gov. Jay Inslee (no longer in the race)

– Sen. Bernie Sanders

– Tom Steyer

– Sec. Julian Castro

– Mayor Bill de Blasio

– Sen. Cory Booker

– Mayor Pete Buttigieg

– Sen. Kamala Harris

Over the past several years, Democratic candidates and elected officials, Indigenous Peoples, and activists have made it clear that there is a link between building new fossil fuel infrastructure and climate change. Before the Keystone XL fight, many in the Democratic Party supported building more pipelines, without regard to how this infrastructure locks us into additional decades of fossil fuel dependence and worsens climate change.

The #NoKXL Pledge is backed by a coalition of farmers, ranchers, Tribal Nations and environmental groups that have been fighting the proposed Keystone XL tar sands export pipeline for 10 years.

The #NoKXL Pledge specifically urges the Democratic presidential candidates to pledge to:

1) Immediately revoke the unilateral permits issued by President Trump for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines;

2) Direct all federal agencies (State Department, FERC, Army Corps) to submit these two projects — as well as all new energy infrastructure projects — to a true climate test;

3) Reject any project that will exacerbate our climate crisis; and

4) Protect property rights from eminent domain abuse and honor U.S. treaties with sovereign Tribal Nations.

View letter to Democratic candidates urging them to take the ‘NoKXL Pledge’:

Online petition urging all 2020 Democratic candidates to sign the NoKXL Pledge:


“NoKXL Pledge” Co-Sponsors:

Bold Nebraska & Bold Alliance

Nebraska Easement Action Team

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Indigenous Environmental Network

Oil Change U.S.

Anthropocene Alliance

Bucks Environmental Network

Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Climate Hawks Vote

Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline

Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline

CREDO Action

Earth Action

Friends of the Earth Action

Greenbelt Climate Action Network

Greenpeace USA


New York Climate Action Group

NYC Grassroots Alliance

Progressive Democrats of America

Seeding Sovereignty

Sunrise Movement Action

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