December 11, 2018

David Turnbull, david [at]

Oil Change USA Response to Manchin as Dem. Ranking Member on Senate Energy Committee

In response to the appointment of Senator Joe Manchin as Ranking Member for the Democrats on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, David Turnbull, Strategic Communications Director with Oil Change USA, released the following statement:

“This is the wrong choice at the wrong time for the Democrats. Senator Schumer has failed in finding a Ranking Member for this committee that truly understands that the climate crisis requires us to take on the fossil fuel industry, not cater to its demands. While climate impacts are getting ever more intense, and the science shows we must keep fossil fuels in the ground, Senator Manchin has enjoyed nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from oil, gas and coal interests in his career.

“If Senator Manchin wants to be taken seriously as someone serious about taking the critical step to move our economy off of fossil fuels, and not someone beholden to the fossil fuel industry, he should take the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, today. It only makes sense that he promise to reject money from the industry being regulated by the committee he’ll lead for the Democrats. Until he does, we’ll know who he truly answers to.”



  • The SCCC should expect $1 from people if they took our money and extraordinary campaign efforts only to put the single worst Senator on Climate Change as ranking Member of Energy & Natural Resources.

  • As a current Science Teacher/Environmental Educator and a former Engineer, an environmental/renewable energy advocate, I wholeheartedly agree that Senator Joe Manchin is the wrong choice for Democratic Ranking Member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee! We need someone who understands climate change and is not beholden to the fossil fuel industry!!

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