The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is still refusing to host a climate debate – and we’re still fighting.

This morning in Washington, DC, we joined coalition partners to deliver over 217,000 signatures directly to the DNC at their national headquarters. Powerful speakers from US Youth Climate Strike, Hip Hop Caucus, and more spoke out on why the DNC is making the wrong call on one of the most critical issues of our time. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, 15 of the Democratic presidential candidates have now come out publicly in support of a climate debate (including Joe Biden, yesterday).

Pressure is building. After DNC Chair Tom Perez rejected our demand for a climate debate, over 50 DNC members – more than 10% of the voting membership – submitted their own resolution calling for a climate debate. And the executive committee of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party in Florida (the site of the first Democratic debate) also just passed a resolution demanding a climate debate. More and more voices within the Democratic Party are joining the call every day.

Ahead of the DNC’s next meeting on June 29, we’ll continue ramping up the pressure and – with the future of humanity on the line, we’re still not taking “no” for an answer. Here are some pictures from the delivery event today, along with next steps to keep pushing on the DNC:

Want to join our efforts and make sure that Tom Perez and the DNC keep hearing from us? Here are two quick actions you can take right now:

  1. Send a Tweet to DNC Chair Tom Perez today calling him out on this decision, and telling him that the people demand a #ClimateDebate.
  2. Make a quick phone call to the DNC and tell them this decision is unacceptable and that you demand a #ClimateDebate. We’ve set up a call tool with a simple script to make this process easy. If phone lines are busy, you can keep trying – that means they’re feeling the pressure of our movement.

In declining to host a climate debate (so far), the DNC is ignoring the reality of the urgent crisis we are facing, as well as the voices of hundreds of thousands of petition signers, 15 presidential candidates, and the majority of Democratic voters who say that climate change is their number one issue.

Want to watch today’s event and hear from the excellent speakers?
Check out the full livestream provided by our friends at CREDO. 

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