March 15, 2019

David Turnbull, david [at] priceofoil [dot] org

Response to Sen. Gillibrand signing the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge

Senator and Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) signed the No Fossil Money pledge today in New Hampshire. In response, David Turnbull, Strategic Communications Director of Oil Change United States, released the following statement:

“By signing the pledge, Senator Gillibrand becomes the fifth major democratic Presidential candidate to reject fossil fuel money in their campaigns. More than one-third of declared candidates for the Democratic nomination have now stepped up to reject the influence of an out-of-control fossil fuel industry on our politics. Coming on a day when over a million students around the world walked out of their classes to demand greater action on climate change, it’s heartening to see Senator Gillibrand recognize that addressing our climate crisis means standing up to the industry at the heart of the problem. The bar for climate leadership is being set. We look forward to more candidates joining this trend as the Presidential primary continues to ramp up.”


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